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Digital Monitoring & Reporting Tool for Your Carbon Projects
Your all-in-one platform for Project Developers and Investors to monitor and track your carbon projects performance with ease.
Bridging the Gap: Forest's Dilemma
Gap Bridging
For project developers, questions like "Where to start?" and "How do I track my trees' growth accurately?" leave them seeking a streamlined solution to ensure their community impact.
On the other hand, investors ponder over tracking fund disbursement allocation, witnessing real-time progress, and reporting SDG goals achievements accurately.
AtmosWatch offers a comprehensive solution to address the problems faced by both project developers and investors. By providing a dedicated platform for monitoring and reporting on critical aspects such as carbon credit production, social impact, biodiversity impact, and even fire alerts. AtmosWatch offers real-time and verified data, enabling project developers to showcase the true value of their projects to potential investors with transparency and credibility.
Our Values
Verifiable Information Accessible for Multiple Stakeholders
Accurate Carbon Monitoring for Data-Driven Decisions
Streamlined Carbon Monitoring for All Stakeholders
Key Features of AtmosWatch
From monitoring dashboard to task management tools with notifications, AtmosWatch is built to help you to manage and monitor your carbon projects easily in one place.
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